Ilgarijiri – Exhibition launch

The launch of “Ilgarijiri – things belonging to the sky”, was a massive success.  Held at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, it was a packed event, said to be the biggest event the gallery has ever hosted.  The artists produced over 90 original pieces of art for the exhibition, 58 of which filled the gallery.  The remaining pieces were hung at the “Conversations” cafe on the waterfront and in the Yamaji Art gallery.  The artists are producing more “Sky Stories”.  The Message Stick ABC TV crew were at the exhibition launch and the day before the launch collected footage of the artists on an Emu egg hunt, cooking, and at night looking at and talking about the Emu – at this time of year it is fully above the horizon and can be seen in all its splendor against the Milky Way.  The Message Stick episode will air on ABC TV in the near future.  After the exhibition, artists and others involved had a post-exhibition celebration at a local restaurant, winding down after the excitement.  During the first day of the exhibition, 20 of the 58 pieces exhibited were sold, and more have been sold since.

The “virtual gallery” website is currently under development and will appear soon.  Also, photos of the launch and events around the launch will be posted to this blog soon.

Many thanks to everyone who made the event a success.  In particular the artists, the staff of Yamaji Art, the gallery staff, the sponsors and the scientists involved.  Also, the vast numbers of people who turned up to the launch and supported the event.  Finally, we respectfully acknowledge and deeply thank the traditional owners and custodians of the country that this project has taken place on, in and around Boolardy Station and Mullewa and in and around Geraldton.

Photos from the launch at the Geraldton Art Gallery

Photos from the launch at the Geraldton Art Gallery

Photos from the launch at the Geraldton Art Gallery

Photos from the launch at the Geraldton Art Gallery


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