Ilgarijiri featured on episode of Message Stick

The Message Stick program on ABC TV did a fantastic job featuring the Ilgarijiri project.  It went to air at 1:30pm on Sunday November 1 on ABC1, with repeats on Monday November 2 at 5:00pm on ABC2 and Friday November 6 at 6:30pm.  So, you can still catch it.

The program can also be viewed online at the ABC website:


3 Responses to “Ilgarijiri featured on episode of Message Stick”

  1. Charmain Green Says:

    The Message Stick program was excellent giving a good balance in views and how people can work together

  2. Kate O'Donnell Says:

    I have just stumbled upon this fascinating project while searching for Indigenous Studies on the net. I am deeply interested in astronomy, am a trained astrologer and have long wondered about the stories of the skies held by our Indigenous peoples. I live in Melbourne, so cannot attend the symposium on Friday. Will papers or recordings of the presentations be available for purchase? I am longing to be there but can’t and so wish that I could access this wonderful and rare information.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Finally, an issue that i am passionate about. We have looked for information of this caliber for the last hrs. Your site is greatly appreciated

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